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What is false information to authoritys according to the law ?

could be obstruction of justice

coulde be filing a false report

could be larcenyWhat is false information to authoritys according to the law ?
a lieWhat is false information to authoritys according to the law ?
False information is information you give to police agency that you know is not true, causing them to enter into an investigation that they would have not otherwise done if they knew the information was not true.
in England it is a chargable offence called perverting the cause of justice
lying or not telling the complete truth(omitting details)

My car was hit by someone that gave me false insurance information, what do i do?

my car was hit by someone that gave me her name and insurance information, when i called to report the auto accident to her insurance company they had no record of a customer with the policy she provided me with nor the name. She did write down her CA Drivers License # - I do not have license plate # either. I currently do not have insurance for my car. What Should I do?My car was hit by someone that gave me false insurance information, what do i do?
is this one of those 'blond jokes' ? LMAOMy car was hit by someone that gave me false insurance information, what do i do?
You still should have called the Police and gotten a ticket for an un-insured vehicle. Unless your car is not even registered. She acted shady but so did you so no one will feel sorry for you. Look at it this way, we all have to pay insurance so why should you be exempt?

This is like the guy that went on Judge Mathis. He tried to sue his friend for a drug deal gone bad.
very simple your gonna eat this one --right it up as i learned something you wont do it again will ya?
So somebody with no insurance ran into your dumb +++ with no insurance?

Sounds like fate to me.
Chalk it up to experience. When involved in a accident you always call the police then you have an official report and they know if the people involved are legit or lying losers. And you should have insurance yourself.
too bad... Why didn't you get the license plate number?

better luck next time.
kick your self or pay a lot of money to a private investigation
As you don't have insurance, you're basically screwed. Most states now have no-play, no-pay rules. If you don't have insurance, you're not entitled to collect anything even when the other driver is clearly at-fault. You MIGHT get coverage for hospital bills but that's about it.

You compounded this by not writing down the tag # of the other vehicle.

So, you should basically get your car fixed at your own expense and move on.

Oh yeah, one more thing: GET INSURANCE, STUPID!!
you need to report to the authority. Im sure you have seen the persons face. At least give them the description so that they can take action on the person.
Word of advice: When YOU get hit, ALWAYS call a cop to file a police report.
The only thing your going to be able to do in this case is contact the police to file a report. They should be able to locate her info with drivers license number. Once that is done, next step would be to contact a lawyer, and take her to small claims. Because it sounds like if she lied about insurance then she most likely doesnt have any. Good Luck
have the police track her down
Call the police. Tell them the story.
get your own car fixed and get insurance!
ONE, learn from this, copy info from their driver's license, write down plate number. TWO, get and have insurance. THREE, other than learning valuable lessons, you are ******.
Next time, verify all information!

This time, Pull out your wallet!
Sounds like your screwed
You should stop breaking the law by driving with out insurance. Also always call a cop to a accident if any damage is involved. Unless you do not have insurance. Frankly you might as well bend over and take it like a man because you been sc***ed.
Oh man..... I don't have an answer but that has got to suck

What is false information to authoritys according to the law ?

anything that is intentionally untrue. Giving a false name to an officer, or lying on your taxes. Any lie or obfuscation is false information in the eyes of the law.
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  • Can someone be sued for slander if they start a myspace page about you and give false information.?

    and if so is there a way for myspace to find out who is doing it?Can someone be sued for slander if they start a myspace page about you and give false information.?
    Most definetly. I was reading on the news that two highschoolers started a myspace under their HS teacher name. She found out a month later and sued the parents.....Can someone be sued for slander if they start a myspace page about you and give false information.?
    Its defamation if its false and defamitory. It generally must cause you harm and you must prove that others have read it

    As far a myspace disclosing information; I would say imposible.
    If you could find out who it was, you would have to prove you were damaged by their false information. If you were, for example, fired from your job or refused medical services because of what they posted, you might have a case. It is incredibly tough to prove that you were damaged if you were only personally embarassed by it but it didn't have much of an effect on your day to day life. Also, even if you are able to find who it is, and prove your case, and get a jury to award you a verdict, it would very likely be next to impossible to collect the verdict. I don't think, for the most part, that someone with lots of assets would probably be on myspace wasting their time by creating fake accounts.
    there is a possiblity.. talk 2 a lawyer that handles slander.. at this moment i'm trying 2 get a lawyer through the bar association in my county 2 sue the city of detroit, 4 slandering me on the computer.. i did find a lawyers name, just haven't made contact type in bar association in the seach bar an see what you can come up with..
    Freedom of speech, my dear. People can say anything they want about you--and post anything about you they choose. However, if what they post is inaccurate and actually impacts you in some way--like prevents you from getting a job, because your future employer saw the page and didn't hire you--then you might have more of a case to actually sue someone.
    I've heard that this is freedom of speech. There was a case not too long ago where some woman made negative comments about an ex boyfriend on a ';';don't date my ex'; website or something like that.

    SO, if it really bothers you, only a lawyer can give you that info.
    Yes! But before you do....... You better check to see that they can't prove it!
    First, it's libel, not slander. Slander is spoken and libel is written. Yes they can be sued if the information is untrue, however if it's stated in anyway as an opinion, then it's Freed on Speech. Also, myspace can of course find out who wrote it.
    First you wouldsue the person for libel not slander. Roughly speaking libel is for written defamation and slander is for spoken.

    Second you would have to prove that the person defamating you was identifiably libeling you, and you specifically.

    And finally you must prove that the libelous comments have negatively effected you in some way. Loss of business or earning opurtunity, reputation in the community, etc.
    They should be sued! Besides: MySpace SUCKS!
    It would then be libel, not slander.
    RIght it would be libel and myspace isn't held to the same standards that say the New York times is. Essentially its as if somebody wrote something nasty about you on a bathroom wall. You'd have to prove the person knew it was false and deliberatley did it to harm you..

    Giving false information to a police officer - Speeding Fine?

    My friend was driving and got a speeding ticket she lives in New Jersey, anyways.. she thought her licence was suspended so she gave her friends details, then she didnt pay the fine.. then her friend contested the speeding fine.. and now the court is calling her in as a witness as her boyfriends car's licence plate was recorded.. shes thinking about pleading the 5th. Do you have any advice and what type of punishment can she expect ?Giving false information to a police officer - Speeding Fine?
    It's easier to tell the truth, than remember a lie. Invoking your 5th amendment rights really doesn't work in traffic court. Unless someone confesses, and pleads guilty, the person who is appearing in court is going to have a lot of questions to answer, and without positive proof, they are going to be facing a brick wall. If your friend doesn't show up to clear this mess, then obviously she isn't much of a friend. Good Luck.Giving false information to a police officer - Speeding Fine?
    Sounds like too much drama to me. She needs to ';relax'; her life a little, and maybe she won't be getting into trouble.

    What she needs to do is be completely honest. She will most likely have to spend some time in jail, but you NEVER lie to a Police Officer.

    The truth WILL come out, so it is in her best interest to fess up!
    Falsification, Obstruction of Official Business, and the original traffic violations.

    It would be wise not to lie in Court, that would be perjury.
    The fifth amendment protects us from self-incrimination. Since the third party here didn't do anything wrong, she has no self-incrimination issues and can be ordered to testify or jailed for contempt if she refuses.

    This all only applies if I understood what you's a little tough to follow when everyone is called a ';friend'; and nobody has a name.

    Advice: go to court and tell the truth. Anything less runs the risk of being jailed.
    She can plead the 5th but I suspect in the end she will be cited/jailed for impedding an investigation and in the end could also be fined/jailed for providing false information. . . .what she did was dumb and now it's time to pay the price for her stupidity.
    Quit hanging around liars and law breakers. What good can come from being mixed up with dishonest people who have no respect for the rules of life, the law, and the police? She should tell the truth and take what's coming to her and change her ways before I would have anything to do with her.
    False Informing/Reporting here is punishable by up to a $5000 fine and one year in jail. Not the smartest thing to do. She's probably looking at a few days in jail.
    some friend she is.. why didnt she work it out with the person who's name she used and then just pay the fine by the due date? she's caused a whole lot more trouble than necessary. and she shouldnt have been driving inthe first place, and her boyfriend is a dick for letting her drive his car knowing she was suspended. i dont know what she'll get but whatever it is she deserves it.

    Is ';is dissenting false information';and';consuming alcohol under 21'; a felony?

    My sister has been charged with it, and I just want to know if it's a felony:

    charges: Consuming alcohol under the age of 21 and Dissenting false information (I think she used a fake id.)

    Is ';is dissenting false information';and';consuming alcohol under 21'; a felony?
    That would be two misdemeanors (no felonies) in NY State.

    While your sister will not like the punishment for these offenses ... she probably will not go to jail.

    Some pretty healthy fines will put a big dent in her finances, mandatory alcohol counseling, loss of driving privileges for 1 year, the fake ID would be confiscated and destroyed (of course).

    Is she in some real trouble ... yes! Is she on her way to prison ... NO!Is ';is dissenting false information';and';consuming alcohol under 21'; a felony?
    Possessing alcohol under 21 or using fake ID to try to buy booze are only misdemeanors. Manufacturing or selling fake IDs for that purpose, however, is a felony. After all, throwing a kid in jail for over a year just for buying a beer would be a tad harsh, even under our police state.
    It is probably up to the District Attorney, and may be based up whether she has a rap sheet or not. It's all about choices people make - good and bad.
    well bottom line drinking under 21 is a felony.. so she will be charged.

    im pretty sure lying to the cops is a felony too.
    Consuming Alcohol, yes.

    Not sure about dissent.

    Can you enter in false information on sweepstakes?

    Me and my friend were messing around on this sweepstakes site for smokers. We entered in false information to see if it actually worked. It said it registered, but I checked and the site said that if we entered in false information it might be breaking a law. Therefore, I called the site to try to cancel the info. However, the person said that I was not on the mailing list. I gave her the name we entered and she did not believe that was my name. Am I gonna traced through my cell or something? Did we do something bad?Can you enter in false information on sweepstakes?
    Don't worry about it. Law Enforcement has bigger fish to fry than this. There's a serial Jaywalker on the loose in Manhattan, you know. Can you enter in false information on sweepstakes?
    They won't bother with you. By agreeing to any info is just their way of protecting themself. They'll send out coupons to a 5 year old, they only want your name and info to sell it to other companies and to buy their products. If you entered an email address, they'll send tons of email to you, or whoever's email you entered. They cannot trace you through your cell. They will not bother with you. As far as the sweepstakes go, there usually is a lot of follow up for you to do and buy. Just ignore the emails or calls. You won't get in any trouble.
    Don't worry about it.
    Thats prison time--- lol j/k

    dont worry about it
    It probably won't matter unless you are the winner of the Sweepstakes. Then you will be disqualified.